TEFL Graduate Teaching in South Korea

Tiffany Amoakohene

Tiffany Amoakohene, a 2011 TEFL graduate

Tiffany Amoakohene graduated from The Boston Language Institute’s English Teacher Training Program in April 2011 and is now teaching English in South Korea.

We recently had the pleasure of hearing from Tiffany directly:

“After earning my TEFL certificate in April 2011 and working for a short time at The Boston Language Institute, I decided to see the world and teach abroad. I applied to be a Guest English Teacher (GET) in South Korea’s public school system through the the English Program In Korea (EPIK).  My journey began this past August when I was placed at an all girls’ middle school in Busan’s Haeundae District. Although my focus at BLI was learning to teach adults, my training prepared me in numerous ways to be a dynamic and effective teacher. My primary focus is helping my students strengthen their English conversation skills. I’ve already noticed an improvement in their level of confidence. When I first began teaching at the middle school most of my students agreed that English was their least favorite subject. However, this is starting to change. BLI’s communicative method has enabled me to think creatively and engage my students in a subtle and practical way that makes learning English fun.

Although my day to day schedule is often very rigorous, I’m enjoying the learning process. South Korea has become a very popular destination for foreign English teachers. However, the demand and the need is still great. For many of my students, my presence at the school will be their only encounter with a native English speaker.  I’m excited to be in Busan and I look forward to the year ahead.”

Middle School Students in Busan