The Boston Language Institute Internships

Are you a college student who thinks globally? Are you interested in studying abroad or in pursuing a career with an international, multicultural flavor? With over 140 languages taught, an internship at The Boston Language Institute is a full-on immersion in foreign languages and cultures. The Boston Language Institute is the leading language school in New England, but it is more than just a place to study a new language- it is where people with a passion for the world in all its variety come together to study, to learn from one another, and to forge global-minded partnerships.

Want to experience France, Iran, Egypt, Italy, Poland, and India all in the same place? The excellent teachers of The Boston Language Institute- typically native speakers- bring their languages and their vast array of cultural experiences with them. The confluence of Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Urdu, Polish, Vietnamese, Tamil, Khmer, and dozens more is a melodious harmony not only of sounds but also of cultures. Opportunities to experience these cultures abound, from seminars to celebrations to the professional and social relationships developed. From a humanistic point of view, a few months spent at The Boston Language Institute is equivalent to taking a trip around the world.

The rich cultural life in which interns participate continues beyond the walls of the Institute. Interns Mengyu Liu, Camila Aguais, and Ilana Mittleman recently participated in a talk held by Ambassador Gregory L. Schulte, a former U.S. permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations; a great question during the talk by Ms. Liu- a sophomore from South China at Bryn Mawr College- prompted the Ambassador to spend 30 minutes after the talk with the interns. Students with rich cultural backgrounds will find that they are well-prepared to dialogue with professionals in international careers.

Experiencing the rarefied, multi-cultural air of The Boston Language Institute is a great way for a college student with global aspirations to lay the groundwork for the next big step- study or work abroad. An internship here disposes students to interact with people from all over the world and develops social skills which are important professionally and personally. The exposure to the wide range of languages and cultures helps interns clarify where their interests lie, and the internship work develops professional skills important for a career in politics, education, or a variety of other human-based occupations.

During their time here, interns at The Boston Language Institute won’t see the leaning tower of Pisa, but they may meet a Pisan; they won’t visit the Islamic Republic of Iran but may get to know someone who has lived there, they will not visit the wild beauties of South Africa but may engage with representatives of its various ethnic groups. After their experience here interns will be ready to visit the world with a different perspective. We here at The Boston Language Institute think that people are the most important part of the global experience, and we think you’ll agree!