Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Day Prayer

Offered at Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Service
Prospect Hill Cemetery, Millis, Massachusetts
May 28, 2012

By Siri Karm Singh Khalsa, 
Minister of Sikh Dharma 
President, The Boston Language Institute  

Let us pray.

Father, Mother, God:

We, your children, come before you on this day of sacred memory standing together, brothers and sisters, on hallowed ground.

While we may worship you in different ways, our souls shine even more brightly as we pray together.

Some of us are soldiers who bravely fought in our nation’s wars and who come before you today filled with love for comrades who live in our hearts and gratitude for the nobility of their sacrifice. Some of us are family members who mourn loved ones now held in your loving arms. Some of us are citizens who honor heroes we’ve never met.

We pray that the examples set by the men and women who selflessly served in our country’s wars, as well as those who courageously and lovingly maintained the home front, ever live in our hearts and inform our actions.

We pray that we will always have the courage to answer the call of our country in need, as did the heroes we honor today, both your brave sons and daughters who stand with us on this hallowed ground and shine their light upon us still and those who have completed their earthly mission and shine upon us in the light of sacred memory. May their souls be blessed; may their families be blessed from generation to generation.

We pray that our leaders have the wisdom and courage to issue the call to arms only when there is truly no other recourse.

In that spirit, we pray, too, for the heroic peace makers that their voices may be heeded in the councils of government.

We pray that, those who answer their country’s call always be welcomed home into the open arms of a grateful nation.

We fervently pray that, just as our brave soldiers receive basic training for war, they receive the basic training for peace upon their return.

We ask that they be given the healthcare they need and deserve and the educational benefits that they have earned, educational benefits that will expand the horizons and prosperity of these men and women, of their communities and of our nation as a whole.

We pray for our enemies, for they, too, are your children. If we cannot see your light in all, we cannot see your light at all.

Where there is war, let there be peace.
Where there is sickness, let there be healing.
Where there is anger and hatred, let there be love and compassion.
And may it begin with each of us.

Amen/Sat Nam

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