Why Learn Another Language?

Why Learn Another Language?

In today’s international world, knowing a second or third language gives you an indispensable asset. There are various reasons for this, not least of which is that secondary languages make you more marketable. For instance, according to Forbes Magazine, becoming bilingual in German, Italian, Russian or Chinese translates to a 4% wage increase. Learning another language also strengthens your verbal aptitude, as studies have found that high school students who studied a second language showed superior SAT scores. In addition, being able to speak and understand a second language opens new doors for business opportunities, cultural activities, and friendships unhindered by any language barrier.

The advantages to speaking and understanding a second or even third language are clear:

  • You      can expand your cultural horizons,      whether by reading classic literature in its original language, or      watching the latest films and television programs in another language.  While translations of foreign books are      certainly of high quality, nothing compares to reading an author’s words      in his or her own language.
  • You      can learn a new language and visit the country to discover a wealth of      culture that you could not have fully discovered otherwise.
  • You      are better able to participate in business activities in a foreign country      and can more rapidly earn trust and      respect from foreign business colleagues.
  • You      can improve your international and social relations to expand your      business and social network.
  • In      this rapidly expanding world, you are more      marketable to international companies if you speak second or third      languages.

These are just a few of the many reasons to learn another language. And remember, you are never too old or too young to start learning a new language!

You Can Learn a New Language

It may seem like a daunting task, but remember, it is a step-by-step process. Over time, your brain will integrate the foreign language, and you will be able to express yourself in the new language as well as your original language.

Whether learning a new language for business purposes or personal reasons, an advantage is always gained. Most cultures will be patient with your efforts, and speaking their language is advantageous, even if you are not yet fluent. You will gain respect from foreign business colleagues and, with respect and trust, the possibility of landing an international deal increases. Additionally, the ability to understand a foreign language well enough to convey attitude and personality is directly related to your ease of social interaction in that language. Don’t hamper your business or social dealings by feeling uptight and nervous!

Any language can be learned with effort, provided you use positive learning strategies, practice, and listen. Many students find that language schools provide the structure, motivation and expert instruction to succeed in learning a new language.  Expand your language horizons, keep your brain active, and grow in business and social success with a new language in your portfolio. From any point of view, it is logical to learn another language. Begin now and enjoy the new horizons that will open. If for no other reason, do it for the great enjoyment it provides!

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